Series begins November 9th. We would like to believe that we are in control of every decision we make in life. More often than not, however we look back and see that many--if not most--of our decisions are made out of fear. The Bible is full of encouragement for us to "Do not be afraid!" In this series, we plumb the depths of fear and learn how to replace fear with faith.

Community Thanksgiving

Not everyone gets a home-cooked meal on Thanksgiving. That’s why the churches of Lakeside team up to become one church and serve the entire community....


Ever wish you could change the past? That’s the question asked by this entertaining and energetic musical from the Spotlight Dance Arts production company. Just...


Our web host lost the hard drive holding the Living Hope web site. Since we had to rebuild the entire site, we’re taking this opportunity...

Know God and His Love
Grow in Community and Character
Go Make Disciples


There is a Place for You Here Checking out a new church can sometimes be nerve-racking. We want you to feel comfortable and know what...
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